Meet the new Teaching United States History

Thank you for visiting our new website. Since 2011, Teaching United States History has been the premier forum for critical reflection on pedagogy in the college-level U.S. history classroom. But we are working to make this site even more useful.

Links along the top of the homepage will soon house a host of primary sources, syllabi, assessments, and more. The blog and the conversations generated therein will always be the heartbeat of our community, but we also seek to create a one-stop essential resource where instructors can find not only new ideas, but also new resources.

I hope you will be patient as we work to fill out these new features.  All contributors are active researchers with a host of other obligations, but our shared commitment to fostering innovative pedagogy promises to keep this a lively and insightful home for reflections and resources.  Stay tuned for what’s next, and thanks again for joining us.

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