Polling the Survey: Last Month’s Results

This month, before I start digging into the details of the formats, structures, and options used in different surveys, I’m reporting the results of the poll that I posted last month. While admittedly unscientific and self-selected, the results provide a sense of the variety of offerings and approaches used by historians to teach the different halves of the U.S. survey. The data has not yet been “sliced,” so to speak, to reflect the diversity between different halves, but for posterity here are the results:




(the options are Textbook (traditional); Textbook (open-source); individual primary sources; memoirs and novels; monographs; other)


There are a few things that I omitted from the survey for the sake of length, such as skill development, for example. However, it’s a good start to get the ball rolling on collecting and chronicling different approaches to the survey.

Thanks for participating!

(This week’s abbreviated post brought to you by my daughter, who was due to be born this last Sunday and is late…)



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