History in the Classroom

I just stumbled on this webpage out of New York University about teaching American history, called, funnily enough, History in the Classroom.  It’s got some great links, some wonderful videos, and an image of Jesse Lemisch speaking at an anti-Vietnam rally in 1966 (see left).  What could be better?

Historian Robert Cohen direct “The Classroom Project,” and the site features his lesson plans (and that of others) as well as everything else.  Coming out of NYU, which, probably because of its location, is a hotbed for conferences and book talks, the site also has numerous videos of authors talking about their latest work, including talks by Robert P. Moses, Kim Phillips-Fein, Mark Naison, Patricia Sullivan, Tom Hayden, Hasia Diner, Ira Berlin, and more.

Cohen is of course a great historian of the 1960s, so there is a good bit on the Freedom Movement, Mario Savio, and the New Left.  Check it out.

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